Shasta Co. DA: January 5 Officer-Involved Shooting officers acted in self-defense

Mar 15, 2016 8:04 PM by David McVicker

The Shasta County District Attorney announced Tuesday that the nine officers involved in the January 5 shooting of a Redding man at his apartment complex were justified in their actions and won’t face any further disciplinary action.

Stephen Bukwich was shot and killed by officers during an incident in the apartment complex on Boulder Creek Drive in north Redding.

Shasta County District Attorney Stephen Carlton wrote in a statement that officers acted in self-defense in their handling of the armed suspect.

“Bukwich’s actions towards officers of the Redding Police Department made it necessary for them to use their firearms to protect themselves and the surrounding neighborhood,” Carlton wrote in the statement. “The Officers acted in self-defense and defense of others consistent with the laws of the State of California.”

An investigation by the DA’s office found that throughout the standoff Bukwich continued to be uncooperative, exiting his apartment with a black semi-automatic pistol raised and aimed it at neighbors and officers.

“Bukwich’s actions presented an immediate threat to the officers and surrounding residents, leaving officers no option but to meet the threat with deadly force. In order to protect the neighborhood and themselves, they fired,” Carlton wrote.

Neighbors told investigators that Bukwich shot at their doors prior to police arrival.

Neighbors said Bukwich had been talking to them “nonsensically.” They said Bukwich retrieved a gun and fired it at them after saying, “do you want some of this too?” One bullet struck the door frame as the neighbors fled inside.

Neighbors, who said they knew Bukwich for quite some time, told investigators that he had suffered with mental health issues for nearly 20 years. However, they said during the incident he was acting out of character even given his issues.


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