Sharpe Found with Meth, Amphetamine in Her System at Time of Officer Involved Shooting

Oct 22, 2013 1:05 PM

The Chico Police Department has released the toxicology report of Breanne Sharpe, the 19 year-old killed in an officer involved shooting a month ago today.

The department’s press release published this morning stated the toxicology analysis performed on Sharpe by the Butte County Coroner’s Office “determined the presence of both methamphetamine and amphetamine in her system at the time of the incident.”

“The levels of methamphetamine were high and fairly substantial compared to the amphetamine levels, which indicate she recently ingested the drugs before the incident,” said Lt. Mike O’Brien of the Chico Police Department.

In the early morning hours of September 22, Sharpe led Chico Police officers on a wild vehicle pursuit after failing to yield for a traffic stop. Chico Police initially attempted to pull Sharpe over after they identified the black Honda she was driving as stolen and may have contained stolen property. At one point during the pursuit the Honda crashed and Officer Scott Zuchin exited his patrol car to make an arrest, but Sharpe reportedly threw the car in reverse in an apparent attempt to hit Zuchin with the vehicle. It was at this point all five pursuing officers opened fire on Sharpe subsequently killing her.

Zuchin and the other four officers involved in the incident returned to work on October 3 after an investigation by the Butte County District Attorney’s Office determined the officer’s actions were deemed justified.

During the press conference on October 3, District Attorney Mike Ramsey said Sharpe was a troubled teen who started stealing cars at the age of 14. She was most recently arrested in February of this year after stealing a car and led law enforcement on another high speed chase.


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