SF 49'ers Fan Sues Over Playoffs Ticket Sales Policy

Apr 27, 2014 5:47 PM

A Nevada man who claims an illegal ticket policy kept him from attending San Francisco's NFL playoff game at Seattle in January is suing the league and others for $50 million for alleged "economic discrimination."

According to the Associated Press, John E. Williams III of Las Vegas charges in a federal lawsuit against the NFL, the Seahawks, Ticketmaster and others that he was denied a chance to buy tickets to the NFC Championship Game under a sales policy that made them available only in selected markets.

Williams contends the policy was intended to ensure fans of the Seahawks would have an advantage over fans of their rival 49ers in the purchase of tickets for the matchup at their stadium, widely known for its boisterous, home-field advantage.

The NFL has declined comment on the suit.##


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