Sexually violent predator won't be moving to Butte County

Apr 25, 2016 10:48 PM by Darren Leeds

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea says it appears that placement of Frasier Earl Smith in Butte County is "no longer an option."

Sheriff Honea says his office was notified on Saturday afternoon that the property owner on Bell Road who agreed to house Smith has rescinded his offer to rent the location to the sexually violent predator.

Honea said he contacted Liberty Healthcare to confirm that the landlord had removed his offer to house Smith. Honea believes that smith would have posed a large threat to public safety in Butte County and the citizens made it clear they didn't want the sexually violent predator in the community. Honea says Solano County will be holding another hearing on May 10th to determine what happens to Smith.

Honea says, "We believe that we have very good cause for another hearing to present both legal arguments as to why Mr. Smith shouldn't be placed here as well as provide the judge with the overwhelming documentation that we have demonstrating the community's objection to him being placed here."

Honea said he and District Attorney Mike Ramsey will not attend the meeting, but they will continue monitor the situation. Honea still says the best place for Smith to be housed is in the state hospital.


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