Severe Storm Damage

Mar 20, 2011 8:39 PM

The aftermath of Saturday night's storm was seen all throughout Chico.. With gusts of wind reaching up to 60 miles an hour. Fallen trees were scattered all over the city.. Many into houses, cars, and power lines. Which forced more than 4,000 Chico residents to be without power for most of Sunday.

PG&E Spokesperson Denny Boyles says, "As crews respond to outages they're going to be looking for power lines that are down and isolate the outage area." With nearly 10,000 PG&E customers without power across the north state Sunday, PG&E crews were out in full force.. Calling out all crew members available starting at 2 a.m. Denny says, "When we have storm events like this it is all hands on deck for us. All of our crews that we can will come out and work.

Most of the power outages were due to downed trees into lines. Tree service members say because of the wet weather the north state has seen this past week. The ground was soggier than normal. And with the combination of strong winds, trees began to topple.

Patrick Abbott, Fred Rash's Tree Service Employee says, "I got called out about 6:30 this morning and been going ever since." Rash's Tree Service in Chico was called to one location off West Sacramento, by far the worst they'd seen all day. "This one's probably the worst. It's got 5 vehicles under it."

One of the vehicle owners Lacey McElfresh says she heard a loud noise early Sunday morning, but thought it was just small limbs falling off of the tree outside her window. Lacey says, "It was about 4:30 and we heard something hit the roof and we just figured it was a limb and all of a sudden it was really loud."

Little did she know, that really loud noise was a large tree crashing into five vehicles at her apartment complex.. one of the vehicles happened to be her truck. "My wind shield is completely broke. So i'm going to have to figure out how to get that taken care of," Lacey says.

Lacey tried to make the best of the situation, by holding a sign.. Hoping to raise money for a new windshield by charging a dollar for anyone wishing to capture the 'kodak' moment.


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