Seven-Time DUI Offender Headed to Prison for Fatal Crash

Apr 21, 2016 8:46 PM by News Staff

A 65-year-old Chico resident, Richard Wayne Wilson, was sentenced today to 12 years, eight months in state prison after pleading guilty to all counts and allegations on the third day of his jury trial on January 29, 2016, announced Mike Ramsey, Butte County District Attorney.

On Jan. 12, 2015, Wilson had been driving westbound in the eastbound lanes on Skyway near Paradise resulting in a head-on collision which killed a Chico woman and severely injured a Paradise man. Wilson had been driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the offense with a blood alcohol level of approximately .17 percent.

Ramsey said the surviving Paradise man who was injured addressed the court stating the events which occurred that day were “totally devastating” and he does not want to see Wilson back out on the streets again. The daughter of the Chico woman who died in the collision addressed the court on behalf of their family. She stated, "my family should have had another good 30 years of love, life, and guidance with her, which we will never get back. I think about how many chapters of my life that I still have to live, that my mom will not be a part of. I won't have my mother on the day I get married. My mom won't be there for the day I have my first child."

In handing down the upper term sentence, Judge Robert A. Glusman stated if he could sentence Wilson to more time, he would have. The judge indicated Wilson accepted no responsibility for his actions as Wilson blamed the victim for colliding with him, blamed the signage on the streets for driving the wrong way, and blamed the justice system.

Wilson was convicted of driving under the influence seven times prior to this incident and had been driving on a suspended license at the time the collision occurred.


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