ServPro Serves Up Another Month of Service for Caper Acres

Sep 19, 2013 2:51 PM

The City of Chico announced today ServPro has extended their provision and services to Caper Acres playground another month through November 1.

City management closed the popular playground near the One Mile Recreation Area earlier this year Mondays through Thursdays due to a reduction of park maintenance staff as a result of the city’s financial shortcomings. Soon after the closure, ServPro stepped up to provide volunteer cleaning services throughout the week, allowing the city to keep the park open six days a week.

ServPro’s generosity has meant that park staff can focus on other areas of the park, such as fixing irrigation, infrastructure issues, vegetation management and tree pruning,” said Ruben Martinez, Public Works Director for the city. “As we proceed, we will be looking into more of these types of solutions and we are thankful that ServPro is extending their time through October to November 1. This gives us more time to explore other solutions.

For more information contact the Park Division at (530) 896-7800.


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