Sergio Garcia Stops by Action News Now

Sep 5, 2013 7:09 PM

Today, Sergio Garcia stopped by KHSL studios to tell us what happened yesterday in Sacramento, and what's still to come. He spoke with Action News Now reporter Brian Johnson in an exclusive interview.

Turn another page in the life story of Sergio Garcia because Wednesday was his big day in the California Supreme Court.

"It was a little tough in there but nothing we didn't anticipate," Garcia said.

Garcia is fighting to become a licensed lawyer in the state of California. He's an unauthorized immigrant. He applied for a green card 19 years ago, but still is not an American citizen. Now he's essentially applying to become a licensed lawyer, to which the law says no. The Personal Responsibility Act was passed in 1996 by the Clinton administration.

That law, said Garcia, is meant to deal with immigrants who are a burden to the state.

"At what point do I become a burden to the state when I'm a taxpaying member of society, I create employment, have no criminal record, and never gotten any kind of financial aid or anything at all."

Even after enacting a program meant to help people like Garcia last year, the Obama administration and the Department of Justice are also saying no.

"I feel like here I am, foreign-born, fighting to protect the American dream. While this administration, that's supposed to be doing that, that is supposed to be looking after their country, is trying to kill the American dream

So for now, Garcia is waiting for the California Supreme Court to make a decision, which he said, has everything to do with the American dream.

"I really believe that licensing me will revive the American dream because it will give people hope that as long as you work hard, you're committed, you're dedicated, you do the right thing, you will eventually make that dream come true."

He's also holding out on something else: publishing his life story. He wants there to be a happy ending. Then there will be no more pages to turn, just another story to write.


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