September 4th, 2008; Thursday Tech Time

Sep 4, 2008 6:06 PM

This week Todd Nishi of the Geek Squad is going to talk about some really cool products, particularly for college students during this back to school time.

Todd: What we got here is a few gadgets that people are really thinking about when they come in looking for a computer but they have some good uses that people will get throughout their college experience. First up, a set of external hard drives. Basically, the way these work is you can use them like a big disc and save all your pictures, your music, anytime your computer's running out of space it's just to have more storage.

Alan: What else do you have here?

Todd: Over here we've got some flash drives. A lot of people are familiar with these but probably not familiar with how big they're getting these days. We have two 4 gig drives here which is pretty standard these days and they'll run you about 30 or 40 bucks. You can save your documents, save your pictures. Put it in your pocket, take it to school, use it there, save it back bring it home and use it again.

Alan: So for someone who's just absolutely unfamiliar with these, how do they work? Just stick it in the USB Port?

Todd: Just stick it in the USB Port and it shows up on the computer. A lot of people are probably familiar with the big floppy discs we used to have and they got phased out and this is what replaced them.

Alan: What's this?

Todd: This is a lock. There's a lot of talk about computer security these days and one of the places that get overlooked, in a college dorm someone can just walk in, pick up your lap top and and no matter how much protection you've got on there you're still going to lose everything. This actually attaches. Laptops have a part that's built-in that this attaches to the desk or wall or something like that and make it a little bit harder for someone to be able to pick up and walk away with.


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