September 25th, 2008; Is Your Computer Green?

Sep 25, 2008 7:23 PM

In a world where more of us are becoming environmentally and economically conscious, are you using your home computer as efficiently as possible?

Alan: We're talking energy saving tips this week and Todd Nishi from the Geek Squad and one of the simplest things one can do, perhaps even desirable is to change that monitor right?

Todd: Yes, if you still have one of these sitting on your desk, the old CRT monitors are certainly taking up a whole lot more energy than the LCD Flat Panels that people are more familiar with. These monitors 1. Take a lot less space and 2. A lot less energy. If you do have one of those old on your desk it's probably time for the upgrade.

Alan: And if you're looking for a new computer, you might want to consider a laptop, right?

Todd: Yes, the laptops are designed around being a lot more power efficient. Any kind of computer designed to run on a battery obviously has that kind of stuff in mind. If you want to save a little money on that power bill a laptop might be a good thing to look at.

Alan: Even if you're not needing to buy anything new perhaps you have the newest equipment there are still ways to trim down use beyond that right?

Todd: Windows has a lot of power saving features. A lot of people are familiar with the screen saver. Actually the computer's still on, doing all that stuff. If you're not going to be around your computer, go to the Control Panel. Windows has a Power Options button where you can change the plan settings. Then we've got times that we can actually tell it to turn the monitor off after 20 minutes of not being used or put the computer to sleep mode after say an hour.

Alan: Or you can just do it directly when you feel like it.

Todd: Yes, the computer's got a sleep button right over here and you can just tell the whole computer to go to sleep.}


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