September 18th, 2008; Tech Time Researches Spyware

Sep 19, 2008 12:50 PM

If you use the internet, your computer is regularly invaded by spyware. And while we don't have to live with that nuisance, we do need to be careful about sources we turn to to fight off the spyware intrusion. It's the subject of this week's CBS 12 Tech Time.

We're talking with Todd Nishi from the Geek Squad about Spyware which is an old problem, but it's a continually evolving one that people need to try to stay a step ahead of the bad guys, right?

Yes, spyware's always been one of those nuisances that comes with the Internet. It slows down the computer. It will start redirecting where your web searches will go. It will make your programs run like they're not supposed to.

There's a whole host of problems that might happen. There's certainly spyware that'll get on to your computer and start taking advantage of key logging and actually watch the information that you're putting into your computer, passwords, bank account information, stuff like that.

So you want to stay on top of that and there are a lot of legitimate services out there that can help you do that but some maybe aren't as good as they bill themselves to be.

Yea, we see a lot of what's called "rogue antispyware programs." There trick is to pretend to be one of these legitimate companies that'll help protect your computer from the bad stuff on the Internet, when really, they're the bad stuff on the Internet. They're getting in there and they're causing the problems and pretending to be a solution.

They look legitimate. They do a really good job of putting all the bells and whistles that make it look like something that you'd want to click on. But you've gotta be careful about once you get in there, who you're giving your money to. The first thing I would do is open up Internet Explorer, go to Google, put in the name and see what happens.

If we put in e antivirus pro I can guarantee you the first ten hits are going to telling you how to get it off of your computer. It's people pulling their hair out trying to figure out how to get this stuff out of their computer. You can get a good idea of what a company's about just by putting their name into Google.


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