September 11th, 2008; Tech Time Explores Chrome

Sep 11, 2008 7:17 PM

Alan: Chances are pretty good you probably use Internet Explorer when you websurf at home but Todd Nishi of the Geek Squad is here to talk about a new option for web browsers and it's from Google.

Todd: Google just came out with a new web browser. It's called Chrome. They released it last week. It's got some really cool features, some new things to the web browser. But for the most part they just took the web browser and made it really simple and took some of the extra stuff and just kinda brought you to your web pages.

Alan: So what are some of the key features that are being touted as making it cool?

Todd: The biggest things that most people are talking about is it's really fast. They've got some speed tests and things like that. You'll probably notice it most on dial up than broadband connection but web pages open up really quick. A lot quicker than they normally do.

Alan: I'm interested in the tabs up here because you have various web pages open in different tabs. What's the benefit in that?

Todd: The nice thing about the tabs is you can have a bunch of different web pages open at the same time. In Chrome that took those and isolated them. So if one of those web pages starts acting up, instead of it crashing the whole program where I'm sure a lot of people have seen you have to close out and start over what you were doing, you're able to just close that one tab down and keep all those other pages up and going.

Alan: And then you have on the front page your history right before your eyes.

Todd: Yes, most web browsers will just have your home page that it takes you to. What they've done with Chrome is shown your most visited web pages. So as you start going to these pages more and more it gives you a thumbnail of what the pages look like. The other thing is they've kind of indexed your search in history so you can go and look through that. Other web browsers will let you see where you've been in the past, but Google being big into searching has actually gone and let you search through that history. So if you were looking at a web page last week and you kind of remember what it was about but don't remember how to get there, you can just put it whatever it was you were looking at it will search just your history and bring those results back to you.

Right now "Chrome" is only compatible with Windows Vista and XP operating systems.


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