Seneca, Calif.: For Sale on Craigslist

Nov 14, 2013 4:01 PM

For sale on Craigslist, for a mere $225,000, you could own this little ghost town.

Seneca, and the property that's for sale, is made up of about 12 acres, with a few run-down wood structures with no electricity. Seneca used to be the county seat of Plumas County, and the Gin Mill is used as a bar, sometimes, during the summer months. But it's what is underground that has Chester geologist and owner of Advanced Geologic Exploration, Charles Watson, excited.

"We call it the golden triangle. It is one of the richest spots in this part of the Sierras," said Watson. "The price of gold is $1,260 an ounce right now, and if you can't make an ounce in a week, there is something wrong."

The road to get to Seneca is treacherous, and is barely wide enough for two cars, and there is a steep drop-off with no guardrail. It is impassable in the snow. To check out the Craigslist ad, follow this link:


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