Senate changes as more former House members join

Nov 1, 2014 11:01 AM by News Staff

WASHINGTON (AP) - Tuesday's elections could leave the Senate with more former House members than ever.

That could help amplify partisan tensions, making the atmosphere in the upper chamber similar to the rancorous tone of the rough-and-tumble House.

Fifty-one senators served in the House. That could reach 54 after Election Day - topping the record of 53.

Growing partisanship and frayed relations between senators have other roots, too. The tea party and the growing clout of outside ideological groups have encouraged senators to be more combative and less conciliatory.

The growing partisan divide has led the Senate's majority Democrats to allow fewer votes on amendments and to limit delaying tactics by Republicans.

That's also made the Senate resemble the House, where rules give the majority enormous power.

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