Sen. LaMalfa Reacts to Gov. Brown's Budget Plan

Jan 6, 2012 11:18 PM

In the wake of Gov. Jerry Brown's latest budget plan, which proposes a tax increase that he says will eliminate the state's current $9.2 billion dollar deficit, members of the state legislature are voicing their opinions against the plan. Today Sen. LaMalfa stressed the fact that higher taxation won't fix the state's budget problems if Gov. Brown plans to continue to increase spending.

On Thursday Gov. Brown proposed a plan that would eliminate about half of the state's $9 billion deficit through big cuts to welfare, child care, and health care. The other half would rely on his tax plan passing come November.

"I am proposing the half cent sales tax temporarily and the tax on millionaires temporarily, on high income tax earners, to try and mitigate these cuts that are eating part of the budget.", says Gov. Brown.

But Sen. Doug LaMalfa says the voters won't go for the tax increase, "I think there's a great peril that he's just going to make the voters more angry with what's basically a ransom note saying 'Pass the taxes or see cuts to things you actually want as citizens'."

In addition to the his tax plan, Gov. Brown also mentioned an additional $6 billion in spending over last year's budget, which LaMalfa says isn't going to help the economy grow or balance the budget.

"I think we need to put away childish things with this high speed rail spending. With more spending on renewable energy, green energy. The state shouldn't be forcing people to buy the most expensive possible energy out there and this is part of that document.", says Sen. LaMalfa.

If the governor's tax plan doesn't pass further cuts will need to happen to areas like education.

"It is going to be very difficult for the legislature to adopt some of these cuts. I think to put on the trigger cuts will also be difficult, but without them we can't put together the balanced budget.", says Gov. Brown.

LaMalfa disagrees, saying, "There's so many things that are upside down right now because we're not prioritizing in a business sense what we should be doing to lower the cost of business and make it efficient towards the desired goal."

Sen. LaMalfa did mention one aspect of the governor's address that he agreed with when handling the state's deficit, and that is allowing schools to have more authority in deciding where to make cuts from their budgets.


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