See Emergency Vehicle? Move to the Right

Mar 8, 2013 6:39 PM

In February, a CHP officer collided with an SUV in Dairyville. Thursday, an ambulance collided with a car in Chico. The Chico Fire Department is asking all drivers to pay attention when they're on the road, and pull over to the right when they see a fire truck with lights and sirens activated. According to Fire Apparatus Engineer Carlos Munoz, the truck weights 42,000 pounds, and it can't make sudden stops. He says, "It's a lot of weight going in motion, and when it gets going, it doesn't want to stop." That's why he says he must anticipate what a driver ahead of him is going to do. If a driver does something unexpected, or he doesn't think the driver sees the fire truck, he'll slow down and give them space until they do. He says, "I have lives in that cabin, that's a lot of responsibility even before we get to the emergency that's going on."


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