Second Chico State student dies from an alcohol-related car crash

Jan 28, 2014 5:49 PM

Bouquets of flowers and broken car parts lined the area of a fatal car crash in Chico.

A second person died from injuries sustained in the accident. Nineteen year old Bryan Mata died at Enloe Hospital. He was a passenger in the crash that happened early Sunday morning on Bidwell Ave.

That’s where police say 18-year-old Diego Rodriguez, a Chico State freshman, lost control of his car and crashed into big Chico Creek. He remains in critical condition and has been charged with driving under the influence.

Twenty year old Austin Silver suffered severe head trauma and died at the scene.

Neighbors we spoke said this road is notorious for speeding and that they believe many people come here for the rush of driving on these winding roads.

“There have been times where it seemed like people came down here just to see how fast they can take the curves,” Gary Quiring, a longtime Bidwell Ave. resident.

Quiring said many drivers exceed the posted 25 mph speed limit but that he doesn't believe it's speeding alone that causes accidents like this one.

“There have been many cars that have gone off of the curves on Bidwell Ave. and its generally drunk people driving too fast,” he said. “If you’re going 25 miles per hour you’re not going to go off a curve anywhere on this road. The curves aren't that tight.”

Drinking and driving is much talked about subject at Chico State.

Additionally, every student must take an online alcohol education course before they can enroll in the university.


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