Second Biggest Winner Ever on Price is Right

Oct 14, 2013 9:00 PM

A Southern Calfornia woman is celebrating a big win on "The Price is Right."
In fact, Cassidy Schiltz of Sherman Oaks is the second biggest winner in the history of the show!
Shiltz started her win streak by guessing within $25 dollars of the item shown.
That made her eligible to pick a mystery box ... containing a mystery amount of money.
She picked box number five ... which contained $100 thousand dollars.
Shiltz went on to win a new BMW in the "Showcase Showdown" ... and came away winning a total of $140-thousand-236 dollars worth of cash and prizes.
Her reaction to the wins was priceless, with both she and her friend doing cartwheels on stage.
Monday's show came during the show's second annual "Big Money Week"
The "Price is Right" airs on KHSL TV Channel 12.###


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