Search for submerged car turns up empty; will resume next week

Dec 24, 2015 7:02 PM by News Staff

Authorities in Shasta County are still investigating reports that a stolen car sank to the bottom of Shasta Lake Wednesday night.

Authorities said a group of campers reported Thursday morning that they heard what may have been a car go into the lake around 10 p.m. Wednesday night.

Investigators have found the license plate off of a 2010 Ford, which was put up for sale last night and then found missing from its last known location on Old Oregon Road Thursday morning.

At this time it is unknown if there was anyone inside the car when it rolled into the lake, and if there was, emergency responders say the chance of survival is none.

A sheriff’s office dive team went 60 feet down Thursday, but were unable to recover the vehicle. They did however find a vehicle registration and other debris.

Authorities speculated about how the car ended up in the lake, saying the person who stole it may have pushed it over the cliff, or they could have missed the curve while driving and tumbled into the water.

A dive team is expected to resume its search Monday or Tuesday.


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