Search for missing hiker ends with success

Mar 1, 2016 2:43 AM by Darren Leeds

We begin with breaking news of a successful end to a search and rescue operation in upper Bidwell Park.

After more than two hours lost in the dark, the man who used his cell phone to call for help was finally found.

Emergency responders said they received a call from 23-year old man around 7pm Monday evening, saying he was lost in Bidwell Park and needed help because he couldn't find his way out.

Chico Police, Chico Fire Rescue and Butte County Search and Rescue headed out in the dark to begin the search.

Rescuers weren't sure what kind of assistance the man needed, whether he was stuck on a cliff above or in a ravine below, but they were prepared either way.

There was even talk of using a helicopter with infrared cameras to assist with locating the missing person.
Aaron Lowe with the City of Chico Fire Rescue says the area can be treacherous once it gets dark.

Lowe says, "Bidwell Park is a beautiful park and it's a great place to visit, but it is very unforgiving if something goes wrong. At night when it is completely dark out, like tonight, it is extremely dangerous both for the rescuers and the person out there."

Shortly before 10pm Monday, crews had said that they located the missing 23-year old and he has been rescued.

After finding the man, medical units were sent home because they were not needed.

Lowe says they don't come out to Bidwell Park for this kind of thing very often, but it does happen from time to time.


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