Search and Rescue Teams Called to Feather River

Jan 15, 2016 1:33 AM by Anthony Peters

Cal Fire Search and Rescue teams were called out to the Feather River near the Oroville Fish Hatchery to search for possible victims in the river.

The call came in at about seven Thursday evening when a witness claimed there were two victims stuck in a walkway underneath the waterfall at the dam. Cal Fire sent its swift water rescue team from Gridley who searched the walkway and found no evidence of any victims.

"Upon inspecting the area the victims were thought to be located, there was no victims found," Cal Fire Captain Peter Schoendienst said. "There was no evidence of victims who were lost in the river. We've searched the river and no victims have been located."

Fire officials believe there is a chance there were no victims to begin with. Oroville Police Department is currently interviewing the reporting party.

The call brought multiple fire and rescue teams to the river leaving many areas of Butte County having to be covered by other fire districts.


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