Sean Sider's Death Seems Suspicious

Aug 3, 2010 8:12 PM

19 year old Sean Sider's body was found floating in Antelope Creek at Cone Grove Park on July 13th. Several of his friends, who were with him that day originally told investigators they'd been swimming when Sean decided to go up the creek. They say ten minutes later they found his body floating in the water.
Fast forward three weeks, when Action News received a tip that said the autopsy proves Sider did not drowned. Instead, it was revealed inhalants contributed to his death. Friends say Sean and his two friends had been taking hits from a "dust off" aerosol can at the home of one of the young men, it was there they say he collapsed.
Sources say the two young men panicked and drove Sean's body to the creek. They say one of the young men who showed up, later, was the son of a Tehama County Sheriff Lieutenant, and they say the lieutenant was well aware of what had happened. "he told them what to do, he coached them through everything he pretty much just helped them get out of trouble" said Sean's longtime friend Kyle Adams.
But Sheriff Clay Parker says this is all rumor and that at this time, the lieutenant is not being investigated in this case. "I can tell you that's the first I've heard of it. And that's absolutely ridiculous" Sheriff Parker says.
Sean's friends are angry. They say he didn't deserve this and someone needs to come clean. "He's the brother I never had, just so loving , so peaceful. Always at peace..never mean towards anybody" longtime friend James Bonds said. Sean's friend Kyle adds "I hope that the truth comes out and the people that did this go to jail".


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