Scotie Walker finds success as two-sport athlete

Apr 10, 2014 8:41 PM

From the soccer field to the softball diamond, that's the rare path Chico State senior Scotie Walker has decided to travel.

She's a two-sport athlete, something she's pursuing for the first time this year, all because she loves being a part of the 'team.'

For 4 years, the speedy Scotie Walker dominated on the pitch for Chico State.

14 career goals, a 2-time All-West region selection, and a trip to the Final Four, just a few of her long list of accomplishments.

But when her playing days came to an end this past fall, a void crept into her life, one that many athletes experience once they're forced to hang up their cleats for good.

"When it's gone, you really don't know what to do, " said Walker. "I really really missed being a part of the team."

Rather than accept that her collegiate athletic days were done, Walker decided to tryout for another sport, in hopes of being a part of another team.

The solution came calling from the softball diamond.

"She approached me, and you know talked to me about possibly coming out," said Chico State softball coach Angel Shamblain. "I told her I needed to give it some thought, but then realized we were in need of a pinch running roll. I've watched her play soccer so I know how fast she is," said Shamblain.

Shamblain decided to give Walker a shot, strictly in a designated runner role. It's something Scotie graciously accepted.

"She actually gave me the opportunity and I'm really thankful for that," said Walker.

So far it's a win-win situation. Walker has appeared in 27 games, scoring ten runs with one steal.

Ontop of being a productive base-runner she's also very supportive, cheering on her new squad and savoring the opportunity to be part of a team once again.

"Thery're all great people, great personalties, fun girls to be around. I've made some pretty good friendships here, from just being on the team since January," said Walker.


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