School Zone Safety

Aug 20, 2013 9:08 PM

Breaking traffic laws in a school zone could lead to hefty fines, or even worse, a tragic accident.

School bus violation fines are well in excess of $600.

It's easy to avoid this fine by making sure you never pass in front of a stopped school bus.

When the lights begin to flash, every driver is required to stop until the lights go off.

With students crossing the streets, it's important to watch your speed limit.

When children are present in a designated school zone, the speed limit is 25 MPH.

A group that needs to be especially mindful are high school students driving themselves to and from school for the very first time.

Redding Police Sgt. Casey Bokavich advises them to "Follow the law, don't become distracted whether it be with a phone, radio, iPod, whatever it may be, and just be aware of what's around you 360 degrees."


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