School Board hears survey results

Sep 17, 2015 2:12 AM by Anthony Peters

Earlier this summer, the Chico Unified school district sent out an email, asking people how they would like the district to spend a one-time discretionary fund of five point eight million dollars. wednesday night, for the first time, the board of education heard the responses and got a feeling for where the public wanted the money to go.
"Most of the things that they brought forward, classroom supplies, are things that we are aware of," school board president Elizabeth Griffin said. "They are probably things that in the past were funded but because of our cuts we haven't been able to resupply those."
More than fourty percent of the responses to the survey listed athletics as the number one priority. Griffin says the board was already aware of this need and is hoping to be able to upgrade the fields.
"We can't do everything that is necessary," she said. "But at least we could put some money to improving the fields."
Other top responses included art and music, facilities and upgrades in technology.
The next step in the process will be a special workshop held on October 7th, at the district office where the final decision will be made.
"We really want to move on this and see these moneys put back in and be where they will be useful."
If you are unable to attend the workshop, you can fill out the survey here.


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