Scammers hit North State yet again

Sep 10, 2014 7:59 PM

The North State has become a hot bed for scams over the last few months -- from jury duty arrest warrants to IRS tax penalties -- many citizens don't know what's real, and what's a scam.
One business in Redding received a fraudulent invoice in the mail, and called off the scammer's bluff almost immediately.

Just a few days ago,the Riverview Country Club in Redding received an invoice in the mail, claiming they owe money for a yearly fire inspection -- one the country club had already done.

"I do review the invoices before they're paid and this one sent a red flag up for me; it wasn't a vendor that recognized."

That vendor goes by the name of "RMZ Fire Safety" and is asking the Riverview Country Club to dish up $413.11 for a "state required" fire inspection.

Membership Director Elizabeth Havsgaard went to work after she heard about the suspicious invoice.

"We decided to Google the address on the invoice and found that it goes to a UPS store in Walnut Creek."

That wasn't all she did -- Elizabeth checked on all the contact information listed in the letter.

"We called the number and it went to Google voice...we also looked online and found another site that had an went to a store like UPS."

Carol says it's the first time the country club has gotten a fraudulent letter in the mail -- but it's also not her first time dealing with scammers.

"They get very creative as far as how they try to come up with scams."

Sergeant Pat Kropholler from the Shasta county Sheriff's Office says an IRS scam is another big one hitting the area.

Criminals try to intimidate people over the phone, getting them to purchase pre-paid Visas like Green Dot cards.

"If you get something that is demanding money now to get yourself or a family member out of's not legitimate."

Kropholler says people need to start being more critical of anyone asking them for money -- be it by mail -- or by phone.

"Be very very vigilant and scrutinize everything you do -- you'll eventually see the facade."

Sergeant Kropholler and other investigators have tried to track down these criminals -- some are turning up on the East Coast -- others as far as Europe and Saudi Arabia.


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