Saving Scotty's Landing

Apr 22, 2012 10:30 PM

A Chico landmark is in danger of being shut down, closing off vital access used to make speedy rescues on the Sacramento River.
Fishing, tubing, eating, and just enjoying the great outdoors are a few things Scotty's Landing in Chico has offered for years. It has also been an integral part of rescues on the Sacramento river for John Scott, law enforcement and rescue teams. Since 1955 Scotty's Landing has provided the quickest access for public rescue. John Scott himself has saved thousands of lives."
"Summer of '89 I was tubing with some friends down the Sacramento River when I became caught and I actually drowned, I was underwater when John pulled me out," Reed Taylor said, a man John Scott rescued.
Now the Chico landmark is in danger of closing. The access to the Sacramento River would be cut off and lives could be put in danger.
"All fire rescue, sheriff, anybody to get to the river, this is where they have to go," said Scott.
Since the 1980's, Scott has worked to make his restaurant the safest and fastest medical emergency setup on the Sacramento River. People like Reed Taylor are forever grateful for the sacrifices Scott has made.
"There's a few people, probably a few dozen people walking the planet here because of Johns efforts," said Taylor.
In an effort to save Scotty's Landing, a fundraiser will be held April 29th for the entire community.
"It's to support public safety and my family. Without this, people are going to die," said Scott.
Along with a beer and wine garden, the fire department will be displaying their new rescue gear. Raffle prizes will include hunting and fishing trips and a one hour airplane ride over the Sacramento River.
"It's going to be a really cool event and an opportunity for people to see what Northern California and that spirit is all about," said Taylor.
"I'm overwhelmed, its very amazing, people have came out of everywhere to help me. I'm overtook," said Scott.
The event will run from noon to ten. Tickets are $30 presale and $40 at the door.


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