"Save Chico Now" Group Formed

Aug 14, 2013 6:17 PM

A newly formed North State activist group is trying to save Chico.

The group called "Save Chico Now" has a website and Facebook page that questions Chico City Manager Brian Nakamura’s work tactics. The website documents Nakamura’s career and his tenure in Chico—which began in September when he accepted a position faced with cleaning up a nearly $5 million deficit.

“I have said it more than once that this is the most difficult period of time in Chico’s history,” Nakamura said.

In an attempt to get Chico back on track financially, Nakamura has made several cuts to the city staff which ultimately made min very unpopular with members of Save Chico Now.

“When I first arrived here we had 11 departments and now we have five,” Nakamura said. “Anyone that comes in and says we have to cut $4.8 million out of a budget is never going to be looked upon as the person who is the greatest person to work with.”

We have made several attempts to contact Save Chico Now, but no one from the group has returned our initial inquiries. In response they released a statement stating they hope to better inform the public and create greater accountability within the local government.

As for Nakamura, his ultimate goal for Chico is fiscal solvency.

“A balanced budget, reserves, a great to come visit, a great place to live, a great place to educate your children and a great place to recreate,” Nakamura said of his many goals for the city. “And I think we have the commitment from the community and we have the commitment from the businesses and the commitment from this city staff to make that happen.”

Action News Now is still waiting to hear from backers of Save Chico Now to get their side.


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