Salvation Army Needs Help

Nov 21, 2010 6:31 PM

Thanksgiving is just days away, most are preparing to spend the holiday with family and friends, but the Salvation Army is gearing up to open it's doors to hundreds in need, but it fears without more donations, there may not be enough food to go around. "It's going to be a bit of a nail biting year I think in terms of what the community is going to respond with and what we will do specifically to meet their needs" said Salvation Army Core Officer Darren Stratton.
Each year the Salvation Army in Chico provides Thanksgiving dinner for nearly five hundred people, ranging from the homeless, to families in need of assistance. And while the number of those in need has increased from years past, the amount of donated food has not. The food pantry is normally stocked full of food, but there are currently several bare shelves now, when the need is at it's highest. "This year has proven to be a challenging year. Our donations all year long have been down approximately 5 percent" Stratton explained.
In order to make ends meet this Thanksgiving the Salvation Army will need hundreds of donated food items. The non-profit has managed to collect all the turkey's and pies it will need, but things like canned goods, potatoes, eggs and all the traditional Thanksgiving fixings are still in high demand. "We definitely need each one of those things in order to put together a very tasty meal for those who are going to be coming to us" said Stratton.
The Salvation Army will be serving food Thanksgiving day from 11 to two. It's hopeful the community will step up and donate more food, as it has in years past to help ensure no one goes hungry this Thanksgiving.


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