Salvation Army Needs Help...

May 10, 2011 12:31 PM

"We've had years in which we've been down before, but this year it's a significant decline", said captain Darren Stratton from the Chico Salvation Army. An organization well known by the community, The Salvation Army is always there for those in need help, but now it's in need of hel p itself. A dramatic decline in donations has left many areas of The Salvation Army's warehouses almost empty. " We put a request out to the community approximately six weeks ago, even still those donations are still down at this point", explained Stratton.
Captain Darren Stratton says even the downtown warehouse, the main drop off location is almost bare. " We're hoping to fill that warehouse to help get us through the lean months of the summer", said Stratton.
May through August is typically the organizations slowest months. Most usually think of The Salvation Army during holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving, but those who benefits from The Salvation Army's generosity say help is needed all year long. " The donations that we get throughout the year, we need them not only for the holidays, but during the whole year", said Charles Bowen who has benefited from the organization.
The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan also have many donating help to that region, Captain Stratton says while that's a very worthy cause he also urges everyone to remember those in need of help back home as well. " Every one's dollar is being stretched to the limit, and so we're trying to encourage people to still think locally even though their considering those needs abroad", explained Stratton.
If you'd like to donate either, money, clothing or food, you can do so at any of The Salvation Army drop off locations
you can also call (530) 342-2199 if you have a large donation that you would like the organization to pick up for you.


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