Salmon Season Opens on the Feather River

Jul 16, 2013 10:27 PM

It was a big day for north state fishermen as dozens of anglers made their way out on the Feather River for the start of salmon season. Whether in a boat, on shore or in the water, everyone had their own strategy for getting the fish to bite.

Magalia resident Jonathon Smith says, "I was bead fishing for a while standing on shore in the horseshoe, and switched over to the boat. No luck there. I'm going to switch it up to the spinners. Everyone seems to be doing pretty good with those."

They say the early bird gets the worm. Well for the anglers that hit the river before first light that seemed to be the case, as most of the salmon were being reeled in early on. Even if the pace slowed down, many were just enjoying the excitement on the water. A big draw for some anglers is being able to get up close to the salmon before they head up river, and with the season just getting underway it also means big business for local fishing shops.

Bobby Larson at Oroville Outdoors says, "It's been fairly busy. You get the salmon guys coming in early to stock up on their tackle, get their spinners, and beads and whatnot for the rivers out here."

Last year a temporary closure was placed around part of the popular outlet, but that restriction has since been lifted.


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