Russian Crime Ring Behind Bars..

Apr 14, 2011 7:46 PM

The Oroville Home Depot was ripped off Wednesday evening.. The day before that, it was the store in Yuba City. And now, investigators have been able to link those crimes together. This, after the car the three suspects were in, was pulled over for expired registration. Inside...investigators say...was the evidence. "The officer found numerous tools and boxes unopened that had home depot stickers or labels on them," CHP Public Affairs Officer Jeff Larson says.

The total haul..more than a thousand dollars. The three men in the car were arrested.. Vlademir Ivakhov and Andrey Gelis were booked into the Butte
County Jail.. Yevgeniy Ivakhov was booked into the Yuba County Jail. That's because, police say, he threatened to harm an officer. Investigators say it appears these three are very experienced and have been stealing from stores up and down the state.

Officer Larson says, "They have had numerous burglaries throughout northern California that fit a very similar profile." That profile...grab and dash. Two men go into the store, scoop up the loot and run for the door. Outside...the getaway car. "One of the trends that's been noted is that the individuals will proceed to the rear of the store and exit out of an emergency door," says Officer Larson.

And you may think a thousand dollars is stolen merchandise isn't much, but it's what police say they're doing with it that's bringing in the big bucks. "These items are typically sold on the black market." CHP officials are reviewing Home Depot surveillance videos to see if anything has been caught on tape.


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