Rough Rural Road In Butte County

Feb 22, 2011 8:24 PM

" We pay the same taxes as everybody else in town, why shouldn't they take care of our road?" said Butte County resident Donald Griffith. Residents living on Craig Access Road in Butte County above Oroville are desperate for help. They say the condition of the road makes it difficult to drive. " Some of the little cars, there's a clay pit up there, when it's wet they can't get through it" said Griffith.
Many of the residents have tried desperately to find out who is in charge of its maintenance, but say each department they call simply refers them to the next. " They're both playing both ends against each other. The county is blaming the state and the state wants the county to adopt the road" said Butte County resident Michael Whitinger.
Many believe the Department Of Water Resources is responsible for repairs. " I received a copy of a letter, the DWR said they are not responsible for the upkeep of the road" said Butte County resident Jean Hare. And that lack of attention is causing problems in emergency situations. Longtime resident Jean Hare called for an ambulance but says because of the roads condition emergency crews had trouble getting to her. " Because of the pot holes, the guy didn't know how close to the edge he could get, if I'd been having a heart-attack I wouldn't have made it" said Hare.
Residents have sent letters to local lawmakers urging them to get involved in the matter, but so far, nothing been done. We were able to get in touch with the Butte County Department Of Public Works who said the road is out of their jurisdiction. They also said the road is a state owned road. We left messages with the Department Of Water Resources.


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