Rough Road Under Construction

Nov 6, 2013 4:47 PM

After a long and bumpy ride a north Chico neighborhood is looking at much smoother roads.

Some of the roads were not in very good shape to start with and they started failing,” said City of Chico civil engineer Bob Greenlaw. “The city came and started to do some rehabilitation.”

This road rehabilitation comes to the residents near Pillsbury Road and East Avenue. The claim their roads were ruined months ago during the Nitrate Compliance Project—when homeowners switched from private septic tanks to the city’s sewer system.

“A little on the rough side; you dodged and tried to miss the potholes,” longtime resident Jane Evraets said of driving on her neighborhood’s streets. But after seeing this construction, the repairs are giving her hope.

“It’s going to be nicer looking streets, more comfortable driving,” she said. “It’s just all around going to be an improvement to what we've been living with.”

The cost of this project is around $320,000 and the money to fund it will come from the city’s sewer budget.

City officials expect this part of the construction to be complete early next week. They will lay the sealant coat in the summer.


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