Rotational homeless shelter in Chico closes its doors

Feb 1, 2015 7:36 PM

Dozens of homeless people are back out on the streets tonight because a popular shelter in Chico was forced to close. The organization Safe Space utilizes facilities around Chico to give people who are struggling a place to sleep, but they ran out of places to use.

The last night for Safe Space was Saturday night at Trinity Methodist Church in Chico. Some nights safe space housed over 60 homeless. Organizers and volunteers say they have ran out of facilities around town.

"We don't have any place to take these people, we don't have any place to put the mats down, or place to get volunteers to make food so we are closed down as of tonight." says one of Safe Space founders Robert Trausch.

Trausch says its unfortunate they have to close their doors for good after a year and a half. He says despite Safe Space closing its doors, he plans to continue to help the homeless community.


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