Roseburg mill reopens after Boles Fire damages plant

Oct 13, 2014 8:01 PM by Angela Musallam

The Roseburg lumber mill resumed operations this morning, one month ahead of schedule.
The move is part of Roseburg's effort to help recover the Weed community from the devastating Boles Fire in September.

It's a good day for the Roseburg lumber mill -- today marks their first day of production nearly a month after the Boles Fire destroyed part of the plant.

"With this much damage as we sustained to the mill, we've been able to get our veneer operations back up and going. "

More than 100 employees' jobs were affected by the fire -- Roseburg was able to keep most of them working after the devastation, while relocating some 60 workers to the plant in Roseburg, Oregon.

Most of those workers made their way back to Weed this past weekend, to get the wheels rolling on the first phase of production.

"Phase two would be to get the code generator so we can get power going back to the grid and be able to conserve it internally...and e third phase would be rebuilding structures like our mobile equipment shop. "

City officials say the most important part of Roseburg ramping up operations is the sense of normalcy it will bring to the Weed community

"I think as far as getting our citizens back after the Boles creek incident, that's gonna be the major obstacle. "

Getting back to normal is going to be tough -- says Councilmember Palfini -- but not impossible.

"We have a lot of rebuilding to do but in stages...and this is one of those stages is getting our mill and our labor force back at it...a mill running, it's gonna help with the healing process."

Roseburg executives say the plant wont be fully repaired until the beginning of 2015.


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