Roof collapses in massive warehouse fire in San Jose

Jan 9, 2014 8:21 AM

Update (7:35 a.m.): The fire is still spreading. If the fire continues to spread and is not contained soon, the San Jose Police Department may start evacuating nearby homes. That has not happened yet.

People who work at "Vintage Roof Tile", 1325 E. Julian Street, have arrived on scene and have told reporters that is the warehouse that has been burning and is on fire still, but the fire department has not outright confirmed that yet

The blaze has now grown from a 3 alarm to 5 alarms.

Reporters at the scene of the fire are saying the roof of the warehouse has collapsed and several transformers exploded.

A San Jose warehouse burst into flame early Thursday, causing flames and smoke to billow out from the building.

The three-alarm fire was reported just before 6 a.m. at North 28th and Julian streets.

The warehouse fire follows on the heels of another San Jose fire reported about 3 a.m. That fire was also three alarms at a home on south 17th street. The two people inside were able to get out safely.

One of the homeowners said he and he his wife would have been "toast" without their smoke detectors."


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