Rodeo parade trots through downtown Red Bluff

Apr 20, 2014 3:02 PM

The Red Bluff Round-Up parade ran through town, giving spectators another chance to get 'rodeo ready.'

Based on a song by local country singer artist Chad Bushnell, this year's theme, 'Rodeo Ready,' runs across all 11 days of the roundup.

"I just wrote this song about stuff I've seen in rodeos, and how it's kind of a rough sport, you know, different sort of lifestyle, kinda like the rock star sort of lifestyle," Bushnell said.

Abby Bentley, who marched in the parade with her Girl Scout troop, knows exactly what Chad is singing about.

"When I go to my grandpa's house, I get on my rope and I'll rope his fake bull," she said.

Not only is she rodeo ready, she's parade ready, as well.

"If you're walking, just walk and wave, and if you're on a float you might sit and wave, maybe say hi," Bentley said.

For locals like Abby and Kaleo Crawford, the parade is a can't-be-missed part of the Round-Up.

"It's special because I've twirled in it, I've been in the parade, I grew up in this community, so it's pretty special to watch my daughter twirl in the parade, as well," Crawford said.


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