Rock 'n' roll fans could score big at California auction

Nov 6, 2015 1:28 PM by News Staff

Fans of the Beatles or Michael Jackson could score big this weekend at Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills, California.

If you've ever seen The Fab Four's 1964 "Ed Sullivan Show" performance, there's no mistaking that Beatles logo on Ringo's drumhead. Now it's on the auction block.

"When it comes to pop culture history, it's one of the most important pieces you can find," the auction house's founder Darren Julien said.

Beatlemaniacs who've dreamed of holding the '62 Gibson acoustic guitar John Lennon used to write "I Want to Hold Your Hand," "Please Please Me" and other early hits? It's also for sale.

The guitar disappeared in 1963 after a show in London, only to resurface 50 years later in San Diego. If it sells for $1 million, as expected, it would set a world record for the sale of a single guitar.

"When it comes to guitars and John Lennon, this is the Holy Grail," Julien said.

If fashion's your thing, you can buy a piece of Kurt Cobain's "I don't give a damn" style. It's the sweater the pioneer grunge rocker wore during Nirvana's famous 1993 MTV "Unplugged" concert that comes complete with burns and stains.

"We sold another jacket he wore on stage for $87,000, but because this is such an important performance it could sell upwards of a $100,000. It's really a piece that belongs in a museum," Julien said.

Rings and things from Elvis are in the building. A 24-karat gold leaf piano, a first anniversary present from Priscilla Presley, is also on the block. But when you consider what a lock of his hair goes for -- $35,000.

If that's not weird enough, a mold used to outfit Michael Jackson with fangs for "Thriller" is also up for sale in addition to a collection of the King of Pop's jackets. Lady Gaga bought one in a previous sale.


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