Riverbend Park memorials stolen

Nov 23, 2015 9:20 PM

Park vandalism is prompting change for the City of Oroville. Over the last few weeks, seven bronze metal memorial plaques were stolen from Riverbend Park.

The Feather River Parks and Recreational District is working with the Oroville Police Department and City Mayor to combat this behavior.

According to the Feather River Parks and Recreational District each bronze or brass memorial costs $200 to place.

Authorities say it's common for these to be taken to recycling centers, where depending on the operation, the metal runs anywhere from 50 cents to one dollar per pound.

Oroville City Mayor Linda Dahlmeier says they're working to combat this behavior on all fronts.

The plan is to get cameras installed along the river near the park. She mentioned their community watch that started 3 years ago.
They're now putting emphasis on involving local businesses, but she says ultimately accountability is key. Should you see something... Say something.

Officials ask anyone with information leading to who stole the plaques to contact the Oroville Police Department.


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