River and lake levels continue trend upwards

Mar 8, 2016 2:22 AM by Darren Leeds

Rivers and lakes across the North State have seen improvements in just a matter of days and it's all thanks to the wet weekend.

Water levels in streams, rivers and lakes have been trending in the right direction this month and we saw a big boost of moisture this weekend. At this point, any moisture is much welcome to the area.

North State waterways are running a little higher. According to the state department of water resources, the Sacramento River is now at 137 feet above sea level. The river's flood stage is around 143 feet, but officials don't expect the river to reach that. The Sacramento River's water level is expected to drop by four feet by Tuesday afternoon.

The Sacramento River isn't the only river that's roaring in the North State, the feather river is also gushing and all the water is headed into Lake Oroville. Lake Oroville is now 58% of capacity and has risen by more than 18 feet over the past seven days and now has a water level of almost 800 feet. Last year the lake dropped to its lowest level at just 26% capacity.

All of the runoff from the recent wave of storms is continuing to add to the state's water "bank account" and Shasta Lake has been cashing in as well. Shasta is now 65% of capacity and the recent surge of rainfall has lifted the lake level over the 1,000 feet threshold. Shasta rose nearly 5 feet over the weekend and by about 10 feet since the first of March.

Both Shasta Lake and Lake Oroville hold most of the state's surface water supply. The numbers are trending in the right direction and we've got plenty more of that moisture coming in the forecast the rest of this week.


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