Restore the Wall fights to preserve and protect historic county rock walls

Oct 17, 2014 7:26 PM by Brian Johnson

There's a group that's in the beginning stages of trying to save Butte County's historic rock walls.

Up until this spring, "Restore the Wall's" founder Debbie Meline thought the rock walls were built by the Chinese and were protected.

But spurred by her observation that the rock walls are disappearing and rocks are being taken, she now knows they're not protected, and were actually built by Portuguese settlers.

Restore the Wall eventually wants to get to a point of preserving (rebuilding) the walls, but have to find them all first.

"We have to go out, take little field trips, and take pictures of the walls and give exact locations, get them mapped so we can get them recorded, so that they're documented," Meline said.

For more information on the group and their efforts, click here.


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