Restoration Enterprises in Redding closes its doors after 15 years

Jan 14, 2014 2:51 PM

Restoration Enterprises, a registered refurbishing company on Veda St. in Redding, has announced today it will be closing operations after 15 years of business.

“We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our business partners and extensive supporters,” said Larry Schaller, the company’s chairman. “While we are disappointed that our enterprise has come to an end, we are very pleased that our services to the community will continue to be delivered”.

Schaller was not immediately available to comment on why his company is closing.

Along with the announcement of its closure, Restoration Enterprises also announced the following transitions the business will be carrying out during January:

* The 3300 Veda St. Property will be turned over to the ‘Good News Rescue Mission’.

* The Bike Program will transition to ‘Loving Hope Ministries’.

* The Recycle Program will close but our former Warehouse Manager, Robert Mainord, will operate a private recycling enterprise, ‘Always Free Recycling’.

* Housing Assistance will transition to another valuable local non-profit for Program Administration. That agency will be named once their Board of Directors meets in February. In the meantime current clients should continue to mail their check or money order to Restoration Enterprises, P.O. Box 994544, Redding, Ca. 96099

* The Restoration automotive Repair in Anderson was turned over to the former manager, Jim Bell, (last July), and is now ‘Bell Automotive Services’.

Schaller also expressed his gratitude in a press release towards the Shasta Regional Community Foundation, Redding Rotary Sunset Club, and the Redding Bank of Commerce thanking them for their help over the years.

“Thank you Shasta County businesses, churches, governmental agencies, private sector non-profits and individuals alike,” said Schaller. “Collectively you make our community a better place”.


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