Residents React to Bidwell Park Changes

Jul 3, 2013 7:29 PM

Residents are outraged as Chico city officials announce the closure of several areas in Bidwell Park four days a week
The Public Works director made the announcement late Tuesday.
Starting Monday, all vehicle gates into Bidwell Park will be closed Monday through Thursday except for the 4th Street gate" into Lower Park and the Wildwood Avenue gate into Upper Park.
The restrooms on the North side of One Mile and at Cedar Grove will also be closed during those same times, as will the Caper Acres play area in Lower Park.
The cuts will trim $500,000 dollars from the General Services budget and will also result to layoffs for seven workers in that department.
A park worker told Action News Now the closures will save crews between six and eight hours of work a day.
That's because they say crews spend at least two hours in Caper Acres each day doing safety checks on the equipment and surrounding areas.
They also spend an hour cleaning each bathroom and about the same amount of time opening and closing all of the gates.


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