Residents, officers clean up transient camps in Linden Canyon

Feb 15, 2015 5:28 PM by Charlene Cheng

Linden Canyon is a large, undeveloped area in Redding, in the middle of Mercy Medical Center, Benton Airpark, and residential neighborhoods.

In recent years, it's become a hotbed of crime and litter.

"There's been drug dealers going in and out of our neighborhood and transients going in and out, the fire threat to our neighborhood when there's fires out there. There's been multiple fires in the green belt," said Nick Bundy, who lives in the nearby Indian Hills neighborhood.

For several weeks, Redding code enforcement officers and police officers have been tagging illegal camps and warning people to leave.

"Our hope is that we will move some of these people, especially the local folks, into services that will get them legitimate housing. We're hoping that we will encourage people that don't come from this community to go back home and get the help they need," Officer Mike Thomas said.

Now, nearby residents are taking matters into their own hands and organizing a community clean-up day.

"It is very, incredibly gross. The trash and the theft. There's safe boxes and bicycles and people's lawn chairs and benches that have obviously been stolen," volunteer Sandi Thompson said.

She's lived in Redding for over 36 years, and seen firsthand what these camps are doing to the environment.

"I don't think any of us dislike the homeless, it's just 'Could you clean up after yourselves?'" Thompson asked.

Volunteers are hoping that dedicating these hours to intensive cleanup will result in long term effects.

"It will last because it's setting a precedence. This is the largest effort that's ever been made, so that's kind of telling the people that they can't be here," Bundy said.


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