Residents of North Cedar react to another shooting

Oct 14, 2014 6:24 PM by Brian Johnson

The blare of a passing train is routine for residents who live on or around North Cedar Street in Chico.

But what about the sound of gunshots? After a handful Monday night, are they becoming all too commonplace for this neighborhood too?

"It sounded like six fireworks went off," said Jose Medrano-Santos, a North Cedar resident of three years.
But when we told Medrano-Santos they were gunshots, he wasn't exactly fazed.

"Out here they say like the ‘ave's' are the ghetto but for me this is decent you know, it's like nice living compared to where I grew up," Medrano-Santos said.

Medrano says gunshots on North Cedar aren't as frequent as they were growing up in West Oakland, so he frequently takes his dog for walks at all times of the day.

"Yeah [it happened] right outside of our house that's what kind of scared me," said another North Cedar resident, Gabriel Serrato
Serrato, who just moved in at the start of this school year, thought this area was safe enough, but now doesn't know what to think.

"The rent is low but I'll see, maybe we'll move to downtown next year," Serrato said.

"Growing up Chapmantown was always where you'd avoid," said Teddie Johnston. "If we went to the fair or something like that, [we would] avoid going too far that way because you'd be in Chapmantown."

North Cedar may be the new Chapmantown, but it's the path Johnston chooses to get from home to work.

And while she keeps in mind the words of a traffic cop who recently told her it's now the most dangerous spot in Chico, she's not changing her path.

"You still wave to people walking by and it's still a Chico neighborhood," said Johnston, who says while Chico may be getting more dangerous, it's no Sacramento.

Chico Police Lt. David Britt says the area around North Cedar Street has a history of violence, but this year has been worse, including a shooting that injured three people this spring.

That case is still being actively investigated.


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