Residents of gated community on the Ridge unhappy with water district

Oct 20, 2014 7:25 PM by Brian Johnson

Residents of a gated community on the ridge in Paradise are frustrated with the water quality they're supplied with by Del Oro Water Company, a class B water company that has 15 districts across the state.

They say it's been brown with a foul odor.

But Del Oro maintains that it has been safe.

Late last week, the president of Mountain Oaks Estates' board sent out an email we obtained a copy of, telling residents the water was not safe, information Del Oro says was wrong.

This morning, Mountain Oaks' board president sent an e-mail to residents telling them their original information was not based on fact.

In the meantime, residents still have their doubts about the quality of their water.

"It's still brown, it's still dirty in our clothes, it's still not washing things appropriately," said Alice, a Mountain Oaks resident of nine years. "You don't want to wash, brush your teeth, and wash your face with brown water that smells. That's the bottom line."

Del Oro says their Lime Saddle district serves 420 residences in the area south of Paradise and north of Highway 70.


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