Residents in North Chico Upset Over Excessive Speeding

May 31, 2013 9:03 PM

Residents living in north Chico around Hicks Lane say they're tired of the people speeding on the country road. According to the California Highway Patrol, Hicks Lane is on both city and Butte County property. The part maintained by the county is 55 miles an hour, though it's not posted. Residents say people speed headed south from the county and don't slow down when the speed limit drops to 45 miles and hour. Sharon Hintz says she's worried about her pets, and her 88 year old mother, who live right off the road. She says, "The street behind me, Hicks Lane, people drive way way way too fast. I do have animals. They're well trained to stay in the yard, but it still scares me. There are kids on bikes, older people walk on that road, I walk on that road." Several residents have begun a Facebook campaign called 'Slow Down on Hicks Lane.' The CHP says it hasn't been made aware of any speeding problems on the road, but officers will be keeping a closer eye on it to see if there's a problem.


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