Residents discuss healing at Orland town hall meeting

Apr 16, 2014 12:48 AM

Nearly 100 people showed up at Veterans Memorial Hall in Orland Tuesday night. Many of them were looking for guidance and someone to talk to about Thursday night's crash on I-5. "It's an opportunity for us to connect the needs that the people have with the resources that are available and a time for the community to begin to heal," said Peter Carr, City Manager for the city of Orland.

Officials had 16 different pastors on hand as well grief counselors, the Red Cross, and more. "We've been providing those support services to our first responders ever since the incident but this is the time for members of the community affected by this incident to come together and to be able to receive that similar kind of support," explained Carr.

Amy Travis from Glenn County Health and Human Services says it's normal for people to want to talk to someone about what they're feeling after an event like this. "A lot of people may have witnessed the event and they may not be directly impacted by the event and down the road they may develop abnormal feelings of fear and anxiety. We want them to know that that's normal but that they may need assistance in coping with them," explained Travis.

Many residents in Orland say the city has never had to deal with something like this before. “As far as I can remember, and I've been here a long time, this is the biggest tragedy of this magnitude," said Orland Mayor James Paschall.

Many others at tonight's meeting also praised first responders and*dispatch for their hard work during the tragedy. They said they're thankful many others in the crash were able to survive.


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