Residents begin clean up after flooding

Dec 5, 2014 7:53 PM by Jason Atcho

Residents in Dairyville are trying to salvage what they can as they clean up the muddy mess left by the flooding earlier this week.

Paul Smith said he came home from work Wednesday afternoon and saw the water starting to move in. "My neighbor was down the road sandbagging, and I talked to another neighbor and we thought because the river was down that all these creeks would be flowing out," said Smith.

The flood waters started rising quickly and there wasn't much he could do. "You know, you can't do everything by yourself. Lift things up, put boards under them and get your furniture up," said Smith.

His friend Cindy Hampton came over to help but so much was already damaged. She said "the water was knee deep everywhere. You could barely get into the house. The carpets were squishy."

The water reached every room in the house, leaving behind a muddy mess. "There's mud in all the cupboards in the kitchen. It came through pretty fast and furious," said Hampton.

Most of the furniture was damaged, as well as some brand new electronics. "I had hoped of putting up a big screen TV that I just bought and it got flooded," said Smith.

Even after all the items are replaced, there's concern of long term effects of the water soaking into the wood. "It rots out your floor and the mold comes in," explained Smith.

A similar flood happened in 1998, and Smith says he'll clean up and start over just like last time. "We'll just have to deal with it and go on. In another 5 or 10 years, we'll probably get another one."

Smith doesn't have flood insurance to cover all of his losses. He says in the past, FEMA has helped him and his neighbors who were affected by major flooding. He hopes that they can get assistance this time around as well.


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